We will be taking a holiday break starting 12/7

Turning 1 is a lot more than we imagined!

So its finally is here.. we are officially 1 year old!! We have learned so many lessons in the last 12 months that we didn't realize would be lessons along with growing pains- which we are beyond thankful for each and every one of them!  We know there are so many more that we will be learning from with years to come as we are just starting to scratch the surface of being business owners.  I can say this, it feels damn good to find the "thing" that is what we are suppose to be doing. Cory and I were just talking the other night about how much we took on in our first year; planned a wedding with no family being local, launched a small business, got married and evacuated for a hurricane. We have decided for another year our little kitchen is going to stay as my studio for at least the start of this 2nd year! This is a lot to have happen in such a short amount of time... but that is how we roll I guess!


We are looking at 2019 to be similar and very different in many ways compared to our first year as husband and wife business owners. We are so excited to share new updates with you on where we are and where we are going, but right now we are just simply thankful we have been able to kick start this business we call ours off with a great first year! 


We hope ya'll have a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to doing 2019 with you!

xoxo- Jules & cory