We will be taking a holiday break starting 12/7

having this dream has been filling a home with memories... via scent

Scents are really important to connect with a place, memory (past or new) and emotions. This has been pretty important in my whole life, from going to antique shops with my mother and grandmother( vintage books and the smell of leather take me back to the antique row in Corpus Christi,TX) to the smell of the ocean as I grew up on the coast, to the holiday scents that remind me of extremely cold winters in Chicago.

Yesterday morning after throwing on a Billie Holiday record I lite a few candles through out the apartment- yep still in an apartment creating a brand with two big dogs- as I got myself ready to start cleaning( yes I get myself in the right place mentality before I start cleaning, don't you?!? Its therapeutic for me, its really enjoyable to listen to an old record while getting our home ready for the week to come). I noticed while looking around the amazing golden glow coming each each vessel sprinkled through out our living spaces that was perfectly inline with the beautiful scent that was starting to fill our home. It made me so happy to know that the combination of organic soy wax we use with a blend of fragrant and essential oil is as clean as you can get with a candle that actually throws a scent through out a few rooms. It feels humbling to know that we able to offer each person who has our candles in their home a piece of my vision- to fill your space with a warm golden glow and a comforting scent to maybe make new memories to or to take you back to some place and time you loved. 

This feels great that my dream of creating a company that I can get up and moving before we have children is offering more than a creative outlet for myself and an avenue to connect with our community, but the ability to make people smile from the inside out. 

I feel honored to keep moving this little dream along and help making rooms smell amazing one at a time.