We will be taking a holiday break starting 12/7

Who we are and what we are planning to do!

Thank you for coming to our site and to our blog, as we are so excited to be launching our brand! I wanted to take this first post to introduce C and J Co. and the two faces who are behind the brand.  

C and J Co. was created at the end of 2017 with the simple idea of being able to make a dream come true of owning a business before starting a family, so we realized this was the time to take that leap.  We decided to name the company after our first initials as this company brand is going to stand for everything we stand for. The concept of C and J Co. is based upon living a simple kind of life (while still enjoyable) and creating meaningful relationships with our customers. We strive to bring the highest quality product to the market place as possible and give our customers the oppurtity to feel excited about being apart of our journey!


On to who we are.... Cory and I(Julia) were recently married in March 2018 here in the low country... yes we were planning a wedding when we launched the company, we like to keep things simple but never boring! As I am taking our company on full time now after a career in the fashion industry and most recently HR, Cory is still working full-time in his day job. I have to give this man a lot of credit as he is at almost every event on evenings and weekends! 

We both grew up in areas of the country that were not "big" as Cory was raised on a farm in Lawrence Kansas and I was raised on the Gulf of Mexico in Corpus Christi, Texas. We met while Living in Chicago and knew we wanted to live somewhere we could feel connected to the community and warm most days out of the year! We decided to move to Charleston after he fell in love with it many years ago and sold me with the canopy lined streets! So here we are in the beautiful south and so excited to put our roots down together!

Our post on here will range from events and thing we are doing as a company, exploring Charleston as well as other places we visit, my crazy DIY idea's and creations and how we are trying daily to live a more simple kind of life personally and professionally. 

We hope you enjoy being on this journey with us!


Julia & Cory