We will be taking a holiday break starting 12/7

Monday doesn't feel like a dirty word, anymore.

Happy Monday to all! 

It has been a weird transition to where I am right now, but Monday's aren't "the worst" like they use to be. I am not really sure when this change happened but it honestly is a great way to feel. I run our candle company full time, take care of the house and trying to keep up with creating networking events... so there is a lot going on. But Mondays really don't feel like a dirty word, now ask Cory and it might be a different post on here! 

There has to be a mental shift that takes place which has happened as I have been focusing on time management personally and professionally and trying to figure out where are my struggles, success and spots where I feel lost in this whole being a small business owner. I love every second of these feelings which maybe where this comes in to place- being able to be happy with a fresh week to make my world better on all levels.

Looking at how do I have everyday be as success as possible by working smarter not harder has been an interesting process. I thought I was doing both when I was working as a recruiter and in HR for the past 6 years of my career, but that wasn't the case. I was simply working harder....all the time. The long hours at the office then bringing work home where I would be working during dinner or while we were "relaxing".  I was always available to respond to someones email within a few hours as I was told that was expected of me. Mind you I was not in a leadership role but was always on when it came to work. This took a toll on my life personally and professionally- I got burned out big time.

But that isn't the case anymore, my time is valuable just as your time is, and that right there is the first step in working smarter not harder. My Monday motivation is to honestly enjoy this opportunity I have in my lap and use it as a vehicle to make my dreams come true and really allow myself a space to feel comfortable with growing and making my family time and life more important that a job to pay the bills. Paying the bills is why we work so its really important but showing up in my life is really important as well.

 Monday isn't a dirty word, its more of just another day to wake up, set some small goals to achieve that large goal set and be gentle with myself if I don't get everything done.. Tuesday will be here within 24 hours so we got this!

xoxo- Jules