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having this dream has been filling a home with memories... via scent

Scents are really important to connect with a place, memory (past or new) and emotions. This has been pretty important in my whole life, from going to antique shops with my mother and grandmother( vintage books and the smell of leather take me back to the antique row in Corpus Christi,TX) to the smell of the ocean as I grew up on the coast, to the holiday scents that remind me of extremely cold winters in Chicago. Yesterday morning after throwing on a Billie Holiday record I lite a few candles through out the apartment- yep still in an apartment creating a brand with two big dogs- as I got myself ready to start cleaning( yes I get myself in...

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We want to wish you a merry Christmas from our family to yours from Cory's families mountain house. We moved to Charleston from Chicago almost 2 years ago so that we could do this, create memories closer to at least one side of the family( we are working on getting mine down here!). If you have not been to the Blue Ridge mountains I am not express how much I suggest you make it here!  This year we have been able to celebrate with Cory's folks and his little sister and our future brother-in-law who came in from Chicago. We might not have our whole family here together but feel so grateful to have family to celebrate with.  We hope...

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